2017 WMMS: International Awards and Recognition


written by Agatha dela Cuesta

2017 World Mobile Marketing Summit: Phoenix Ads Festival

Last May 12-13, 2017, some of our teammates from Etoron Team Shenzhen and Team Shanghai attended a summit held at Crowne Plaza Shanghai, China.

The two-day event featured keynote speakers on mobile marketing and technology in China. Guests were able to listen to case studies of big companies, corporate brand influencers. The summit showcased latest technology products directly to potential customers.

On the right side of the photo is the company’s standee on the reception hall of the 2017 WMMS: Phoenix Ads Festival.

Awards and Recognition

Team Etoron is proud to share a very good news. Etoron Team China won two recognitions at the recently concluded  Jinwu Awards that is also a part of the 2017 WMMS.

We received this year’s Most Recommended Digital Marketing System Company and Most Innovative Mobile Marketing Start-up awards.



Everyone in the team is grateful for this achievement. Thank you WMMS for the recognition!

Here is the link to the official website of WMMS to know more about the event: http://www.wmmschina.com/

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